Competitive Teams
Posted May 10, 2018

Teams (league)

Girls U11, x2 team

Boys U11, x2 teams

Girls U12, x2 teams

Boys U12, x3 teams 

Girls U13, x2 teams

Girls U14, x3 teams

Boys U14, x2 teams

Girls U15, x1 team

Boys U15, x1 teams

Girls U16, x2 teams

Girls U19, x1 team

We do not hold tryouts for our teams. Please contact us with your desired level and age group and we will help to select the team that is best fit.

If the team you are looking for is not listed, please contact us for further assistance and inquiry into forming new teams.

READ MORE for a complete list of leagues in the state; all competitive teams are under the Centennial League, unlesss stated otherwise.


Competitive Programs
Posted May 10, 2018

We have one soccer program that focuses on skill building. These teams have all licensed coaches with most teams also coached by Bladium Soccer coaches. All teams have two training sessions per week with the third training session held at Bladium to focus on ball skills and game awareness. Goalkeepers for all teams receive seperate weekly goalkeeper training from Bladium’s licensed GK coaches.

During the Winter off season these teams continue with twice weekly training at Bladium and play in the indoor winter leagues (optional).

The competitive teams U11 and up also play two tournaments per season as well as their league games. The U9/10 Intermediate teams only play one tournament per season.


Bladium Internation Soccer Academy:

Technical training once a week at Bladium with professional coaches

--Highlight individual development

--Ball Skills

--Game Awareness


Teams we will have available in this program for the 2018-19 year:

U9 Boys (Rec-Intermediate)

U9 Girls (Rec-Intermediate)

U10 Boys

U11 Boys

U11 Girls

U12 Boys

U13 Girls

U14 Girls

U11 Boys, U12 Boys (Three teams with one team in Champions League)

We are also filling other age groups for teams but those teams are not confirmed yet for the upcoming year.


For more info, price and inquiry to this all-inclusive program please contact the head of the program directly:

Hugh Moran


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Operations Manager: Nicholas Becker